Haptoglobin Typing 

For Research Purposes ONLY (See Disclaimer)


Samples may only be sent by licensed physicians, not individuals. A doctor can take a patient's blood and the doctor can then send it to our laboratory. (For research purposes only.  See Disclaimer)

This test will identify the Haptoglobin phenotype of a patient from blood plasma or serum (Hp 1-1, Hp 2-1, Hp 2-2)

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Haptoglobin Typing

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Research has shown that the

Haptoglobin phenotype of a patient with Diabetes is directly associated with the risk of developing cardiovascular complications including death and renal failure. 

Our easy to use Haptoglobin Typing kits can be supplied to you or we can rapidly analyze your samples at our full service Haifa based laboratory.         

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We are a staff of researchers and physicians that are dedicated to improving the long-term good health of persons with diabetes.  

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